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Works like Lightning

Nitromors was established in the 1930's and is the market leader in paint and varnish stripper, trusted by generations and asked for by name from DIY customers to craftsmen and restores. Our specialist formulations are the strongest and fastest paint & varnish removers on the market. With Exceptionally fast blistering time, Nitromors strips up to twice the number of paint layers per application compared to other similar products on the market.

From the launch in the 1930's, Nitromors became heavily used and loved within the automotive industry, this fame garnered the attention of Henkel who purchased the brand from the Wilcot Parent Company in 1989. The late 80's through to the early 2000s saw the development and improvement of Dichloromethane (DCM) based paint removers.

In 1999, Nitromors Super Strip was the first DCM free paint remover, producing low odours and much safer to use than DCM paint removers. This trend of DCM Free paint removers continued as 2004 saw the launch of All Strip Mousse, a DCM Free paint remover with colourant in an aerosol applicator.

In 2010, Nitromors had the foresight to launch DCM Free All Purpose Paint Remover & Nitromors Craftsman's Paint, Varnish & Lacquer Remover. Incidentally, by 2011 the EU Marketing Use Resitriction of Dichloromethane came into force, restricting the use of DCM in Consumer and Professional Paint Removers.

By 2015 our formulations improved and faster acting DCM Free Paint Strippers were launched, keeping Nitromors ahead of its competitors. Following the purchase of the brand by Tetrosyl Group Limited, Nitromors continues to work towards developing and perfecting our formulations and bringing you the tools you need to successfully complete any DIY project.